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"Confidence Booster"

I was given Criminology for beginners course as a Christmas present, would never have thought of doing it myself but I have enjoyed it so much. It was so easy to do and very hard to put down. It’s like reading a good book then having a test on it. There is no pressure, no tutor hurrying you up and no time limits on the tests, just how learning should be. The written report I received after the final exam was brilliant and has lifted my confidence loads. I did find that there were a few spelling and grammatical errors which are a little annoying but not enough to cause any problems, but there was also a factual error which I feel should be corrected. Mary got kidnapped three months after her kidnapper was sentenced for her kidnap. Just a slip on the year, but caused a lot of confusion. Overall was so happy I have signed up for another and have found others I’d like to do. All in my own time.

"The best boost for anyone"

thoroughly enjoyed this course. There was no rush and I could take it at my own time. I am visually impaired and this has boosted my confidence immensely. I had no trouble with any of the modules. Mostly it was my not reading the question properly, so that is why I made the mistake I did. Thank you for the chance to prove myself as a person in my own right. When people know you have a disability they tend to think you are worthless. I know I'm not. Thank you. This was to prove I could do something worthwhile.

"Very clear and informative course"

I was very pleased to undertake this course. It has motivated me to learn more about psychology. The assessments were at the right level and the final exam had useful feedback which I benefited from. The material throughout is presented clearly.

"Excellent course and feedback"

I have just completed a Reflexology Diploma Course and also took the exam on completion. The course itself was excellent and in particular I liked the test at the end of each lesson. It refreshes your memory of what you have been studying. The Anatomy and Physiology was the hardest part of the course but with plenty of studying it is achievable. The final exam which you pay for if you want to take it is very hard. There are 100 questions and each answer is in short essay form. Though it was difficult I thoroughly enjoyed it and passed with a distinction. Would definitely recommend.

"Professional and helpful - 100% would use again!"

I took the online Level 3 Dog Grooming course with the final exam at the end. I know it is just an online course with no practical skills required but this is the next best thing! It provided me with amazing resources and informative modules of different areas. I found this course very good and would definitely recommend it!

"Great that it can be completed in your own time"

My Animal Psychology Diploma was a well written and informative course. Easy to follow and complete. Great that it can be completed in your own time, allows for day to day activities to be undertaken and study to fit in when it can.

"Great experience friendly and helpful staff"

Brilliant learning experience! The staff are incredibly quick to respond to queries! No matter how many questions you have they are more than happy to help. Usually replied within minutes! I did a foot health practitioner course diploma 4. The module is sometimes difficult to understand as it is written in technical terms but nothing that is too difficult to understand. I did the fast track course which is great as you get your results in seconds however the final exam is a detailed written exam which I was not expecting so this caused a bit of confusion as I did not realise how much detail they were looking for as the questions are extremely vague. I failed this exam because “everything was technically correct but not enough detail was given”, However the tutor was amazing and analysed my work in great detail and told me what they were looking for. I resubmitted the final exam with as much detail as I could remember and ended up passing the exam with the “highest possible grade” with distinction. They did not charge me to resubmit the exam and they grade it very quickly. Within a few days. Overall a great experience!!

"Fantastic and so well set out"

I recently brought the veterinary nurse assistant diploma. The course was quickly uploaded into my account, and I started it straight away the sections were set out in a easy to read way and the tests were multiple choice. Once I had finished all the sections I was offered the credited course at a cheaper price which, I took. There were plenty if question and was all essay related. Once I sent the final completed work off it took a week for it to be marked and got a lovely well done from the tutor. The whole course was enjoyable and knowledgeable I loved every single second of it. One thing I would have liked to know before was that there was another section to be credited which cost extra regardless I would have done it, but this may have been useful before. Also the fact that it would cost £15 to have the certificate send out quicker is a bit much. Any issue I have had I've phoned the college and was always (twice) spoke to politely and issues sorted out very fast.

"Very interesting course"

Really worth doing this course it gives a better understanding of autism and the strategies and what the path is to help others to put in place proper plans to suit each individual and there needs and giving them a voice it was tough course but with research and determination I found it interesting glad I completed it. Well worth doing, it takes a lot of hard work and a good attitude to complete. I did this course as two family members are diagnosed with autism and hopefully I can help someone else have an understanding of autism as I have now a better understanding myself and if there was another course to do I would try my best to complete it thank you to all that helped me through this.

"Well worth the money!"

Excellent opportunity. Highly recommended. Recognised qualifications at the end another personal achievement to add to your portfolio/CV.

"Excellent experience"

I am totally satisfied with my courses. They give the flexibility of studying from home by pursuing a career at my own pace.

"Great study, own pace, actionable feed/bk"

was very impressed, overall the course has good content, easily digestible. I love online studies as you can go as quickly or slowly as you want, online tutors to help answer any questions. I think that the units, could have better quality content, broken into easier formatted module titles. Nice comments returned on improvements and context to think in own life scenarios! They certainly give detailed assignments with clear examples of what to look for, where to gain insight and improve your own way of doing things. I would like to have seen more templates given, and maybe courses that could compliment my area of study or subject, now or for consideration in the future. I certainly would study again! Its been a rewarding experience, to say the least.

"The best online course I have experienced"

I was able to complete the course at my own pace at a time that met my needs. I would and have recommended the course to my friends and I have been able to tell them about my learning experience and how my confidence grew as I progressed through the course.

"Great informative course"

I have done 3 courses now, 2 on dog grooming and one on human anatomy. All have been at my own speed. The modules allow me to pick it up and do when i have a spare 40 minutes. The end of module questions give me the revision i need to make sure it sunk in. I’m pleased with what I have achieved on these courses and would recommend them.

"Fantastic, I'm on top of the world"

I studied level 4 diploma child psychology, I completed the course in 7 weeks with fantastic support from my tutors. The course information was very informative and I was able to gain extra knowledge through links. I emailed tutors a few times, I had replies within the hour. My final assignment was marked within 3 days and I am over the moon with my result of distinction and feedback from tutor was brilliant and very encouraging. I highly recommend this course it is fascinating and now I have O.A.Dip ( child psychology) after my name, absolutely amazing. Thank you for all the support.

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