Project Management

Project managers need to be multi-talented, multi-taskers, with the ability to think ahead, develop strategy and engage people. Courses in Project Management walk you through how to plan and implement a project, determine its feasibility and evaluate its performance.

If you are a good communicator and motivator, the Project Management Diploma will enhance your skills in these areas. It will certify that you can negotiate, become an effective leader and manage people with diplomacy and professionalism.

Financially, you need to be able to justify your decisions from start to finish. You will learn to manage budget control charts, create Gantt and Pert Charts and carry out feasibility studies. For those who wish to advance, you can take the Project Management Advanced Diploma, learning how to manage stakeholder expectations and identify and manage risks, as well as forecast outcomes and secure funding.

Plan, prepare, manage and enrol on your project management course today.