Animal Care and Farming

Do you want to be able to preen your pooch to a salon-standard without leaving the house? Ever wondered what your pet is thinking and why they’re acting in a certain way? Do you dream about becoming a veterinary nurse but are unsure what is involved? Then you’re in the right place. Our Animal Care and Farming courses will teach you everything you need to know about animal care, whether it’s at home, in a farming environment, or at a pet care salon or surgery.

Our online courses are designed for animal lovers that want to learn about the psychology and care of our furry friends. They’re also for people that want to turn their love of animals into a career. From stable management to pet grooming, animal psychology to farming management, there’s a course to suit all interests and career aspirations.

Ready? Take a look, choose the course that suits your interest and don’t wait any longer to transform your passion for animals into a career.