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If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of youngsters then a job as a teaching assistant is an ideal choice! Every child is different, with diverse needs and abilities and you will never have two days alike. “Challenging but extremely rewarding” are the words we often hear.


Your role is one of support and you will find this 10 module distance learning course has been carefully prepared with that in mind. You will learn how to support the teachers, pupils and the school as a whole. The National Curriculum is the central foundation upon which lessons are structured and there is a whole module to deal with planning, evaluating and assisting pupils during all curriculum based learning activities.

Now read through the syllabus and realise how the structure of this course can help you to enjoy your vocation as an effective, caring and professional Teaching Assistant


Module 1 — Supporting the Teacher
• The learning environment
• Pupil behaviour
• Observing and recording

Module 2 — Supporting the Pupil
• Care and support
• Health and hygiene
• Child protection

Module 3 — Supporting the Curriculum
• The National Curriculum
• Planning, evaluating and assisting pupils during all learning activities

Module 4 — Supporting the School
• Legal requirements
• School organisation
• Policies and procedures

Module 5 — Supporting ICT in the Classroom
• Preparation and maintenance of ICT equipment
• Supporting the use of ICT equipment
• Keeping pupil records

Module 6 — Supporting Pupils with Special Education Needs
• Inclusion and special educational needs
• Support for learners

Module 7 — Supporting Literacy Development
• Supporting the development of reading skills
• Supporting the development of writing skills
• Supporting the development of speaking and listening skills

Module 8 — Supporting Numeracy Development
• Supporting the development of number skills
• Supporting the development of problem solving and data handling skills
• Supporting the understanding of measures, shape and space

Module 9 — Working with Others
• Working in teams
• Working with colleagues
• Working with other professionals and parents


This course has been accredited by Online Academies. On successful completion of this course you will be able to download or print off a PDF of your Online Academies Certificate (please note: you will also be given the opportunity to have a hard copy of the certificate printed off and posted out to you for a small additional charge). If you would like to view a sample of the certificate, please click here.

On completion of your course you will also be able to have your certificate endorsed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service for recognised CPD Hours.

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 as the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation of our courses.



At the conclusion of each module there is a multiple choice question assessment. This will help you remember the main points of the lesson and act as a check that you have retained the essential knowledge and understanding of that particular section. The results can be seen instantaneously and you can correct wrong answers. When the result is satisfactory you can progress to the next module.

Course Outcomes

Once you have successfully completed all the modules for your course you will be awarded:

A Diploma issued by Online Academies


Payment Options
£75.00 per month
£200.00 per month

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